The Birth of the Club

In early 1986, two members of the Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island East, Rotarians Patrick Poon and Eric Wong, were given a challenge to form a daughter club to answer the call of Rotary ideals of community service, high ethical standards in business and professions and the advancement of international understanding and good wills. With their undivided efforts, they managed to recruit 24 individuals agreeing to become members, meeting the basic criteria then for chartering a new club. With Patrick Poon accepting to be the Charter President, Rotary Club of Hong Kong Harbour was officially chartered on 25 March, 1987. To provide adequate support and guidance for the newborn, Past District Governor Peter Hall, Past President Sam Lam and Past President John Kwok were sent by the mother club for the appointment of Club Advisers.

As of July 2024, three charter members are still on the Club roster: Charter President Patrick Poon, Past President Antonio Chu, and Past President Kay Lau. Past President MK Cheng and Past President Eddie Leung, who joined in the charter year, are still actively involved with our Club.