Rotary Club of Hong Kong Harbour established its first sister club relationship with the Rotary Club of Makati Legaspi in Manila, Philippine in 1990, agreement signed by then President Charles Lam. The Club has participated in a number of projects in Philippines with its sister club. The relationship nevertheless lasted for a number of years and did not continue due to political changes in Philippines.

In 1996 PP Ralph Liew of the Rotary Club of Pudu, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia moved to work in Hong Kong and joined the Club. Through his effort a sister club relationship was established in 1997 and agreement was signed by then President David Leung. A number of international projects have been launched afterward. In fact, the Rotary Club of Pudu was the main partner of the Club’s Matching Grant “to build a Multi-Sensory Room for Yuk Chi Resource Centre” in 2013. In 2020, our Club became Rotary Club of Pudu’s international partn\er in its Global Grant to provide clean water facilities in fringe jungle areas of Malaysia to benefit aborigines people..

In 2004 a number of the Club’s members visited the Rotary Club of Pudu to attend their installation and met CP Lotto of the Rotary Club of Taipei Mingmen, Taiwan, which was then a sister club of Pudu. CP Lotto was very keen to have a sister club in Hong Kong.  He flew to Hong Kong several times to attend our club meetings. After a series of discussions the sister club agreement was signed by then President CK Wong in 2005.

The Club also has a 100% lady club as our sister club in Taiwan. The Rotary Club of Taoyuan SE, Taiwan has been very successful in their domestic movement in Taiwan and decided to go internationally, looking for an overseas sister club. Through PDG Stan of the Rotary Club of Hsinchu Taiwan and PP Philip of the Rotary Club of Causeway Bay they found Rotary Club of Hong Kong Harbour as their right partner. Sister club agreement was signed by then IPP Belinda Yeung in 2011. The interchanges between two clubs have been frequent. The Club became the international partner of a Global Grant project namely “Yung-An Junior High School Library Renew Project” initiated by the sister club’s baby club, the Rotary Club of Taoyuan Shiangyang. In 2016 the Rotary Club of Taoyuan SE became a partner of the Club’s Global Grant project “to build Water Purification Systems in 5 boarding schools in Yunnan Province”.