The Rotary Club of Hong Kong Harbour recognizes the importance of empowering the next generation. Through Rotary International and District programs focused on youth, the Club has actively provided opportunities for youngsters to broaden their horizon, and to become not only future leaders but also responsible, compassionate citizens.

Interact Club of Ho Fung College (1998)

Club Inauguration, Interact Club of Ho Fung College.

The Club chartered its first youth club, Interact Club of Ho Fung College, in 1998 through the effort of PP Veronica DeKrey. These Interactors organized group visits to discover and understand more about our community at large, including visits to universities, businesses, and non-profit organizations.  What’s more they render service to the community. Service projects included periodic visits to elderly centers and centers for families with autistic children.

Rotaract Club of Chu Hai College of Higher Education (2012)

In 2012, through the effort of PP Ka Hing Lee, Rotaract Club of Chu Hai College of Higher Education was chartered. A wide variety of programs were organized over the years, including: visit to Christian Zheng Sheng College, a private school for treating drug addiction and other problems through life education; volunteering sessions at community centers to help ethnic minority students with their language learning and homework; coffee appreciation and pet grooming classes; classes on off-camera commentary and voice-over; knitting and handicraft making etc.

Interact Club of King’s College (2014)

The Club’s second Interact Club, Interact Club of King’s College was chartered in 2014. The charter of this Interact Club has special meaning to our CP Patrick Poon, PDG Belinda Yeung and PP Kay Lau, who are all alumni of King’s College.  In a few short years, the Interact Club has actively and successfully run projects, from food recycling and fundraising for the underprivileged, to setting up and running a vertical hydroponic system on campus.

PP Ricky Chan, at the Installation of the Interact Club of King’s College.

Interact Club of St. Clare’s Girls’ School (2016)

In 2016 the Club chartered its third Interact Club, Interact Club of St. Clare’s Girls’ School. The Club’s relationship with this school dated back to 2011. Through Rotary-Adopt-A-School, which was a part of Education Bureau’s Business-School Partnership Programme, St. Clare’s Girls’ School became the Club’s school partner. It was on the basis of this strong relationship that the idea to sponsor an Interact Club at St. Clare’s Girls’ School came into being. In a few short months after charter, Interactors from St. Clare’s Girls’ School have already participated in District programs such as Sustainable Seafood Ambassadorship (under District PPE Committee), and Blind Bowling Tournament.

Interactors teamed up with visually-impaired persons to compete at the Hong Kong Blind Bowling Tournament.

Rotaract Club of HKU Lap Chee International (2017)

As early as 2014, CP Patrick Poon floated the idea of forming a Rotaract Club within Lap-Chee College in the University of Hong Kong. Through working with the College’s deputy master, Dr. Kelvin Yeung, the provisional Club hosted a number of high-profile events, including inviting over one hundred elderly to tour the campus and hosting a dim-sum lunch at the College. After years of planning, the Club was finally chartered in September, 2017. Club Inauguration took place on April 28, 2018. Since then, the Club has been active organizing community service projects, including an ambitious tutoring program spanning an entire academic year during which Rotaractors took turn to teach English to local high school students.

Rotaractor Luisa helped students to prepare for interviews.