Rotary Cares Food Aid 2020

As the pandemic rages on, nearly all sectors across the economy are deeply affected. Sole bread winners of families toeing on or below the poverty line are losing their jobs or having their wages significantly reduced.

The wait for help from social welfare and food banks is getting longer and longer. Savings are being depleted. Many families are increasingly struggling to put food on the table. In Kwun Tong District, which is ranked, in terms of poverty situation, in the bottom-3 amongst all Districts in Hong Kong, livelihoods for many families are already challenging before the pandemic. Pandemic makes survival much more difficult. As such, Rotary Club of Hong Kong Harbour is partnering with Caritas Community Centre – Ngau Tau Kok to distribute, beginning in mid-September, food coupons to around 250 grassroots families and families living in subdivided units in Kwun Tong District identified to be in most urgent need of help. The coupons are designed to bridge the gap between applying for and receiving governmental and other assistance. We seek your generous donation!

Project details

  • To support food aid to 250 grassroots families and families living in subdivided housing in Ngau Tau Kok area in Kwun Tong District for 3 weeks
  • Each HK$300 donation can support a family of two for one week; each HK$600 can support a family of three to four for one week; each HK$800 can support a family of more than four for one week.
  • Target: HK$450,000
  • Deadline: Sept 15, 2020

How much to donate

PlanSupport per weekExample 1Example 2Example 3
Family of twoHK$3001 family = HK$3002 families = HK$6003 families = HK$900
Family of three to fourHK$6001 family = HK$6004 families = HK$2400
Family of more than fourHK$8003 families = HK$2400
# Families supported1310
Amount (in HK$)HK$300HK$1200HK$5700

How to donate

Please complete the Donation Form and return it by post together with the donation cheque (crossed cheque payable to “Rotary Club of Hong Kong Harbour Foundation Limited”), before September 15, 2020 to:

Rotary Club of Hong Kong Harbour Foundation Limited
14/F, Progress Commercial Building
9 Irving Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Please write down your name on the back of the cheque.
All donations above $100 are eligible for tax-deductible receipt.

Donation Form