Club meeting — Rotary Community Corps

District Secretary Frank Chan, Rotary Community Corps (RCC) Chair came and gave a briefing on RCC while our Club’s potential RCC team from Hang Seng University PSCP Amity College led by Professor Thomas, Professor Victor and Student Affairs Denny and Students Simon, Jenny and Bella joined the lunch too. RCC Chair Frank told
us that RCC membership is open to non-Rotarians from young adults to retirees, they could come from all walks of life including our family members, friends and neighbors. 10 members are required to start an RCC. A leadership group shall be elected from among the members in good standing and represent the corps in dealing with sponsor Rotary Club and the public. RCC is advised to meet once a month and undertake two major projects annually. The Sponsor club should create awareness for the RCC program at the club and district level and public RCC success stories. Once the application form is submitted, it should takes about 1-2 months to process and a new RCC will be chartered!!