Giving Masks in Causeway Bay

The Coronavirus outbreak has affected everyone in Hong Kong, but especially street cleaners and sanitation workers who are usually paid petty wages and can ill afford to use a fresh mask every few days, never mind a fresh one each day. Responding in part to society’s cry for help as well as to our District Governor’s “Giving Masks, Rotary’s Tasks” campaign, Club members and their spouses donated and distributed boxes of masks and hand sanitizers to street cleaners and sanitation workers in Causeway Bay. Donning masks and gloves, Club members and spouses packaged masks inside a sealable bag together with simple instructions on how to properly wear a mask, and then sealed the bag to minimize chances of contamination during transportation and distribution. The bags were then brought to various refuse collection points and wet markets near our meeting venue in Causeway Bay and promptly given away. Service targets were street cleaners and sanitation workers, most of whom earn low wages and can ill afford fresh masks even though they work in conditions very likely to be laden with germs, bacteria and viruses. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers were also passed to those in need. The service project benefited approximately 40 street cleaners and sanitation workers.

Special thanks to our mask supplier in Finland. Your generosity shall never been forgotten.

Bags of masks were carefully heat sealed.
From left to right: sealing, grouping, and packing the bags into carrying boxes for distribution.
Each service target was to receive a bag of masks together with a bottle of hand sanitizer.
Giving masks and hand sanitizer to sanitation workers.