Care package delivery to elderly centre at Shun Lee Estate

Led by our Rotaractors at the Rotaract Club of HKU Lap Chee College International, care packages were prepared and delivered to Shun Lee Neighbourhood Elderly Centre (順利長者鄰舍中心) at Shun Lee Public Housing Estate on February 29. Each care package included a bottled drink, snack items, cooking condiments and other sanitation supplies. The food items were specially sourced to invoke memories of the tastes of a bygone past. In order to minimize cross infection during the current Coronavirus outbreak, the care packages were not delivered directly to the elderly, but instead dropped off at the centre for later distribution as the elderly slowly returns to the centre in the coming weeks. The centre staff thanked our Rotaract Club and told us that some elderly were already notified about the package and were elated to know that youngsters such as our Rotaractors think of them.

Preparing for the packages earlier in the month.
Unloading of supplies at Shun Lee Estate.
President Mark (right), Rotaract Advisor Crystal (second from right), Rotaract President Anushka (third from right) and Rotaractor Charis (fourth from right) helped to deliver care packages to Shun Lee Neighbourhood Elderly Centre. Rotarian Kelvin also participated (not pictured).