Club meeting — Carbon Neutrality

On September 8, our Club conducted our regular meeting during dinner time. A total of 16 club members together with 5 Rotary Anns (Pat, Amy, Grace, Rita and Coco) attended. In addition, Mr. Dennis Wu attended as speaker, while Assistant Governor Brian Ho and Deputy Assistant Governor Betty Chiu attended as part of their official business. Rotarian Heiwai did a great job in his first time as Duty Rotarian.

A well-attended Club meeting.
The very capable Duty team of Past President Webster, Rotarian Heiwai and Past President Dora.

Assistant Governor Brian spent about 20 minutes in updating the upcoming District activities, Rotary Student Service Ambassador Program, Digital Transformation including the update of member data in Optitable, measure our carbon footprint aiming to achieve
Every Rotarian Carbon Zero promoted by Preserve Planet Earth Committee as well as preparing for District Governor Visit details covering membership, foundation, digital transformation, community service, public image, vocational/youth and health services.

DAG Betty also shared with us the Pandemic Relief Project working with SoCo in distributing anti-pandemic packages and goodies bags to the underprivileged. Currently there was 7 Rotary Clubs in Area 3 jointed including our Club.

What followed was a fantastic speaker program arranged by Rotarian Fei. The CEO and
executive director of Dennis Wu, AEC Group, gave us a guest talk about carbon neutrality. He introduced to us the basic concepts of carbon neutrality and climate risks, as well as the global trends in both the corporate and public sectors about their approaches to achieve carbon neutrality. He particularly introduced members to the main content of the report issued by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in April 2022, which emphasized the certainty for the world to pass the 1.5C threshold by 2040 if no substantial changes in human behavior are taken immediately. The report also provides five tips to
limit our impact on the environment, which includes opting for green suppliers, adopting recycling, reducing digital footprint, choosing ecological transport, and offsetting carbon footprints. Mr Wu also helped us clarify the difference between carbon neutrality and zero carbon emission. The session ended with some questions from the audience. Members gained a deeper understanding about the urgency of global warming and what we can all do to contribute to a carbon neutral world.

Assistant Governor Brian.
Deputy Assistant Governor Betty.
Mr. Dennis Wu, our Speaker.