Club meeting — John Lee’s “Coronation”

We started the meeting with the induction of our newest member, Professor Heiwai Tang. Proposed by Charter President Patrick, Rotarian Heiwai is Professor in Economics at the HKU Business School. This meeting we also welcomed Mr. Kwok Yat Ming (郭一鳴先生), a well-respected journalist and Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Federation of Journalists, as speaker. Rotarian Fei made the speaker introduction, noting their initial meeting years ago at a China trends study class. The topic of the day was: “李家超, 時勢造英雄”, loosely translated as “John Lee’s Coronation”. Mr. Kwok commented on the upcoming one-candidate Chief Executive election, noting that Beijing is not simply copying the “Macau model,” but mainly backing a candidate known for his loyalty and capability. Mr. Kwok spoke about current Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s performance through 2019’s protests and the government’s Covid response from 2020 to 2022. The reason for Mr. Lee to succeed Ms. Lam may be Beijing’s desire to have a results-oriented government. This also signals a departure from candidates with Administrative Officer backgrounds, which Mr. Kwok sees as a positive in that Mr. Lee, the candidate, has less “baggage” upon election. Mr. Kwok further believes the new Chief Executive will have to heavily focus on the government’s Covid response, the Hong Kong economy and standard of living issues. At the end of the meeting, Charter President Patrick gave the vote of thanks. We also sang “Happy Birthday” to Past District Governor Belinda, whose birthday is coming up soon.