Visiting our service partner, Amity Foundation

On August 10, President Mark visited our service partner, Amity Foundation, to wrap up the “Walk for Living Water 2020” project, of which our Club was an event partner. The event was a success, with hundreds of participants and hundreds of thousands of dollars raised. Our Club received a certificate of appreciation for recruiting the most number of event participants. Several Club members and our Interactors also received medals for achieving superior exercise levels, all the while staying healthy and fundraising for Amity.

The funds raised from the event are scheduled to be deployed in the coming months in various projects in Southeast Asia. Mr. Anthony Tong, Executive Director, gave updates of our sponsored water projects in Myanmar. The projects are ongoing; project progress shall be shared with members later during Club meetings.

Mr. Anthony Tong, Executive Director of Amity Foundation, and President Mark.
A certificate of appreciation from Amity Foundation.