Blind Bowling Tournament

On May 23, our Club sent one team of Interactors to 11th Hong Kong Bowling Tournament for all x 10th Hong Kong Blind Bowling Tournament. President Mark, Past President Grace, President Elect Sam, and Grace’s sister Joyce went to cheer our team of Interactors from King’s College. Also in attendance was Dr. Kelvin Siu, our speaker from last week, and his colleague Mr. Ricky Chan (not to be confused with our most cheerful Past President Ricky). Both are innovators who are passionate about supporting the disabled through technological innovation. We also managed to catch Honorary Member Vivien, who was the event’s Guest of Honor.

President Elect Sam, Honorary Member Vivien, Past President Grace, and President Mark.
An Interactor helped a visually impaired person to orientate himself at the bowling lane.
Interactors also experienced bowling blind-folded. Naturally they hit nothing but perfect gutterballs.
Dr. Siu demonstrated his visual aid mobile app to our attentive Interactors.