Club meeting — Mobile App for the Visually Impaired

On May 13, our Club met at Regal Hong Kong Hotel. To ensure proper social distancing, Regal has given us a large room, with 4-person tables separated by ample spaces. Special welcome was given to all five of our Charter Members.

Before the speaker program, members took turns to give reports of Club and District activities. Past President MK, as Sergeant-at-Arms, thanked President Mark and President Elect Sam for their contribution to the red box in the Poster Hunting Challenge, and thanked many others for their generous contributions to red box on the day of the meeting. Past President WT gave highlights of a tree planting outing to Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve. Past President Grace chimed in and said the work this year was especially challenging as some of us had to carry pots of plants up a steep slope and had to clear wild bushes before saplings can be planted. Charter President Patrick gave details of District Training Assembly, and highlighted key points by the event’s guest of honor, Mr. Kenneth Fok, JP. President Mark ended the reporting section by encouraging members to sign up for the upcoming service outing at Holy Cafe, when over 250 elderly were expected to show up to register for and collect free hot meals.

Dr. Kelvin Siu, founder of InnoSpire Technology and InnoTech Association, came to speak with us about using mobile applications to assist the visually impaired. InnoSpire Technology makes hardware and software to provide visual assistance to the elderly and the visually impaired. The centerpiece of InnoSpire’s innovation is an award-winning mobile application called “WeVoice+”, which allows the visually impaired and volunteers to connect with each other so that the latter can help the former in real time, separated only by geography yet connected through real-time video and voice. InnoTech Association is an associated non-profit organization dedicated to use technology, including InnoSpire’s to help the disabled. Ms. Kimmy Shum, a co-founder and executive director of the innovation company, also joined our meeting and shared insights with some members on the difficulty of starting a technology-focused business in Hong Kong.

Dr. Siu, talking about the importance of human intervention even as artificial intelligence becomes more powerful and ubiquitous.
Dr. Siu, with Past President Peter.