Club meeting — aquatic physical therapy

District Governor Norman Lee surprised us by joining our regular meeting as guest. He took time to speak about the successful rezoning of our District from Zone 9 and Zone 10 effective from July 1, 2023. In the same zone are Districts of Clubs from Singapore Malaysia, Philippines etc. He also explained the rationale behind the removal request and that it was supported by majority of Clubs in our District. District Governor Norman also took the opportunity to inform us of the election of Past President Cassy Cheng as District Governor for 2025-26. Congratulations to District Governor Nominee Designate Cassy Cheng!

Professor Billy So (蘇俊⿓) was invited to speak to us about the development of Aquatic Physical Therapy in Hong Kong. Currently an Assistant Professor at Hong Kong Polytechnic University in the Department of Physical Therapy, he demonstrated with scientific data supports that aquatic therapy can treat injured patients effectively and elevate the pace of recovery. Water pressure is proven to help reduce edema too. He said that the ongoing studies and development in treatment technology as well as available supportive equipment have significantly further enhanced the effectiveness of aquatic therapy, a great news to those who may suffer from injury and of course the seniors!