Club meeting — filmmaking in Hong Kong and mainland x visit by Immediate Past District Governor Wilson Cheng

On October 22, our Club met for lunch at our usual meeting venue, Regal Hong Kong Hotel. To ensure proper social distancing, Regal has given us a large room, with 4-person tables separated by ample spaces.

The meeting began with President Mark giving quick updates of Club and District activities. President Mark also gave details about District Governor’s visit, which occurred the week before. The floor was then yielded to Immediate Past District Governor (“IPDG”) Wilson Cheng, who visited our Club to personally present the Rotary International 2019-20 Excellence in Service to Humanity Award to Wendy Poon. IPDG Wilson also brought gifts for everyone, but especially presented gifts to Club members who served the District with distinction during his tenure as District Governor: Charter President Patrick and Past District Governor Belinda for their leadership and advice; Past Presidents Grace and Angela for their work in public image, district training, District Conference etc.; Past President Lily for being his Deputy Assistant Governor for Area 3; and Past Presidents Dora and Lily for their work in public image and event preparations. President Mark also received, on our Club’s behalf, Rotary International Citation for 2019-20 as well as highly-rated wines for our members to enjoy.

Mr. Clement Cheng, an award-winning movie director, then spoke with us about making films in China. Mr. Cheng, whose film “Gallants”《打擂台》 won Best Film at the 2011 Hong Kong Film Awards, drew our attention to a specific project he did two years ago: a long-form Pepsi “micro-movie” commercial he directed which was shown to hundreds of millions of viewers in mainland China during the 2019 Chinese New Year. The “micro-movie”, starring Chinese mega movie stars and featuring music by G.E.M., was highly rated in the mainland. Mr. Cheng talked about the artistic, stylistic and social elements adopted in the making of this particular “micro-movie”.

Wendy Poon received Rotary International 2019-20 Excellence in Service to Humanity Award from IPDG Wilson Cheng.
Mr. Cheng, on filmmaking in mainland China.
Past District Governor Belinda gifted all members and guests a reusable water bottle and a reusable lunch box, as part of our Club’s continued effort to encourage members not to waste food and to be more environmentally conscious. Members not in attendance on October 22 may claim a set from Rotarian Jason, our Club’s Preserve Planet Earth Chair, later.