Club meeting — iRecycling

Our lunch meeting on October 28 was attended by 16 members. Spouses Pat and Maurice, and Past President Theresa joined our lunch.

Past President Daniel Lo of Rotary Club of Central and ex-Rotary Information Center senior staff Steve Kwok introduced to us Run To Your Home Foundation. It is a volunteer service platform that uses running and runners as a common element. The foundation has done a number of outreach services and can use your support and donations.

Our speaker of the day, Mr. Clement Li, is a Project Manager at Baguio Green Group. He talked about the iRecycling app which combines the powers of marketing and recycling. Through commercial incentives (like coupon offers), users are able to send recyclable glass and plastics to. Incentives can be as much as HK$5 per bottle. As an integrated service provider, Baguio is able to provide pick up services at the user’s location. In the Q&A session, members were very curious about their buildings’ recycling programs. Clement suggests that members look at the waste management services contract to see if recycling is within the scope of work. If not inside the scope of work, it is likely that the recycled waste at your building is emptied into landfills. You can find the iRecycle app in the Apple/Android app store.