Club meeting — Music Children Foundation

On November 14, our Club invited Ms. Annike Pong, founder of Music Children Foundation, to give an overview of Music Children Foundation, a local charity that provides free music education to underprivileged kids in Hong Kong. Music Children Foundation (”MCF”)’s vision is simple: to introduce music to underprivileged children at an early age and to cultivate their core values towards building a harmonious society. Ms. Pong believes that music education does not end with merely perfecting musical senses and techniques, but building self-confidence, enhancing communication skills, and fostering a life-long interest in the arts through the learning of music. Ms. Pong also cites how music has transformed the lives of not only children but families: as parents become volunteers in MCF events, they spend more time with their children. Parents also get to understand their children more through the new common language of music.

Ms. Annike Pong, sharing with us her vision and mission for Music Children Foundation.