Club meeting — Music Children Foundation

On November 14, our Club invited Ms. Annike Pong, founder of Music Children Foundation, to give an overview of Music Children Foundation, a local charity that provides free music education to underprivileged kids in Hong Kong. Music Children Foundation (”MCF”)’s vision is simple: to introduce music to underprivileged children at an early age and to cultivate their core values towards building a harmonious society. Ms. Pong believes that music education does not end with merely perfecting musical senses and techniques, but building self-confidence, enhancing communication skills, and fostering a life-long interest in the arts through the learning of music. Ms. Pong also cites how music has transformed the lives of not only children but families: as parents become volunteers in MCF events, they spend more time with their children. Parents also get to understand their children more through the new common language of music.

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