Scouts Walkathon

President Eliza and President Elect Jason went to the Presidents-Elect Training Seminar (PETS) II in the morning session in Alexandra Hotel before getting on a taxi to Chi Fu, Pokfulam for the Opening Ceremony of the Scout Trail Walk where Past Presidents Grace, Dora, Eddie and ex-member Past Presidents Theresa and Kennedy were there together with Yuk Chi Resources Centre’s team. Then President Elect Jason rushed back to attend the afternoon session of the PETS II.

After the opening ceremony, Yuk Chi’s team together with children and parents hopped on a coach to go to the Peak. Meanwhile, President Eliza walked the steep route from Pokfulam to the Peak together with her brother and Ms. Laura Lo, one of this year’s speakers during our regular meetings and a senior scout leader.

Past President Mark joined in right before the Peak walk together with President Eliza and team. District Governor Norman and his wife Isa joined the award ceremony at 4:30pm and presented Rotary Club of Hong Kong Harbour Award to the 50km walk winners. The funds raised at this walkathon would support our service projects, including to Yuk Chi Resource Centre to provide professional therapy service for children with special education needs (SEN). The expected number of beneficiaries was estimated to be around 560 SEN children.