Tree planting

Five members (Past Presidents Angela, Grace, WT and Dora, and Rotarian Eliza) plus one spouse (Maurice) attended the District Preserve Planet Earth Committee’s Tree Planting at Fung Yuen, Tai Po on May 1. Motivated by Past President Angela’s call: “有錢出錢,有力出力”, our Club members donated 2,200 HKD in total with some of the donation going to clubs in Mongolia for planting trees there. The team carried the plants uphill before digging holes for planting the trees to attract butterflies to come to this “Site of Special Scientific Interest” conservation area, where over 200 species of butterflies (90% of the total 245 species in HK) live here. Among them, over 140 species are uncommon/rare/very rare in HK. The happy service+fellowship event was followed by a “heavy meal” filled with laughter in Tai Po.