Club meeting — Generative AI

On May 11, Immediate Past President Donald Chan of Rotary Club of Golden Bauhinia Hong Kong was our speaker on the very hot topic of Generative AI – way forward changing our lives. Immediate Past President Donald showed us how AI world could replace many of our jobs, particularly in the design world that you only need to type what you want in the poster and get it done in minutes. Prompt Engineering is the new job type to go for! Past President Dora encouraged Club members to attend the upcoming Rotary Club of Pudu installation on 10 June 2023. We had cake cutting to celebrate Past President Mark’s Wedding Anniversary. President Elect Johnny of Rotary Club of Auckland Harbourside, the Club that President Eliza always visited when she was in Auckland, visited our club today. Immediate Past President Donald also brought his friend Weston who so happened to be President Eliza’s common friend. Rotarian Clive Tsang from Rotary Club of Hong Kong Northeast also visited our club too.

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