Club meeting

On June 11, our Club met for lunch at Regal Hongkong Hotel. Thanks to Regal, special arrangements were made whereby all attendees were required to get their temperature checked and their hands alcohol-wiped before entering the venue. The large venue enabled tables to be placed far away from each other – all tables were placed well over 2 meters apart, and our Club enforced that no more than 8 members were to sit together or gather at any given time. During the meeting, President Mark gave updates of various District-level activities. Past President Grace briefly spoke about our hot meals distribution program at Holy Cafe. On a happy note, Charter President Patrick shared with members how he achieved a hole-in-one in Deep Water Bay in the morning. Congratulations Charter President Patrick! During the meeting, Club EGM was also held. The agenda was to vote on the nominated candidates for the incoming Board of Directors of our Club. Members who were present formed a quorum and approved the nominated candidates.

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