Club meeting — LoveXpress

A total of 12 members, 2 spouses, 4 Interactors, 2 school Interact advisors attended our Club meeting. Immediate Past President Donald Chan of Rotary Club of Golden Bauhinia and Rotarian Nana Lui from Rotary Club of Central Harbourfront also joined as visiting Rotarians. We also had two guests: Mr. Kwan Kee, Chairman of Hong Kong Association of Athletics Affiliates and Principal Wong from Chong Gene Hang College. Our speaker of the day was Ms Kitty Poon, founder of LoveXpress. LoveXpress is an non-profit-making organization aimed at promoting general knowledge and awareness of autism to the public and offer programs to give care and support to the patients and their families. In Hong Kong, autism rate has risen continuously to 1.68 out of 1,000 for under-15 children in 2020. While there is no proven medical solutions for the disease, early detection allows patients to enroll in SEN (Special Educational Needs) education so that they can be better prepared and managed the impact caused by the disease. It is important and proven effective for their development. The organization also helps identify and create job opportunities for the patients, ensuring that they can live a normal life like all of us.

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