Club meeting — Optometry

Our Club regular lunch meeting was held at Regal Hong Kong Hotel on April 27. Rtnnes. Wendy and Sara also attended the meeting; Rtnne. Wendy said she was there specifically to say hello to our Treasurer Past President MK, who has been continuing his rehabilitation.

Before our speaker program, President Eliza welcomed back those who have been traveling abroad for the past few weeks. President Eliza also summarized a number of Club and District events. Past President Grace recounted a fantastic evening at Paul Harris Birthday Dinner: she credited Past President Angela for chairing the Organizing Committee, and Past District Governor Belinda and her company for sponsoring the event. President Elect Jason reported that he attended District Grant Management Seminar as well as the prize-giving ceremony of Island Scouts Virtual Walkathon. Led by Past President WT, members also sang happy birthday to two birthday boys and girls: Past District Governor Belinda and President Elect Jason. Charter President Patrick brought the limited edition painting by Rotary International President’s brother he bought from the auction during the Paul Harris Birthday dinner.

Dr. Bruce Chin, an optometrist with a PhD in vision sciences, was our speaker. Dr. Chin gave an overview of the field of optometry, including how certain diseases, including diabetes and heart diseases, may be prognosticated through a common eye examination. Dr. Chin also differentiated between optometry and ophthalmology; in Dr. Chin’s words, optometry is a gatekeeper for our eyes, while ophthalmology is a medical problem solver. He recommended that we periodically check our eyes to catch potential vision issues as early as possible. Immediate Past President Sam bookended the meeting by giving a heartfelt vote-of-thanks to our speaker.