Service Days at LINKS Cafe and Holy Cafe

Suicide Prevention Services (SPS) applied for funds under the HK Jockey Club Charities Trust’s COVID-19 Emergency Fund. Initiated by SPS, this project (抗疫見喜樂) was hosted in conjunction with Holy Cafe’s hot meal box service and supported by volunteers, family/friends of Rotary Club of Hong Kong Harbour.

Putting together 360 care packages (福袋) was the first step on Day 1 (June 1). The volunteers accomplished the task in just about one-hour at LINKS Cafe, SPS’s outlet in Kwai Hing. On Day 2 (June 2) 11am, volunteers moved all the bags by 5-ton truck to Holy Cafe. By 3pm, we started to distribute meal boxes and the gift bags, finishing at about 6pm. Some volunteers were inside the shop putting together the meal boxes and distributing them and the gift bags. Some were outside doing a mental wellness survey of the elderly and maintaining order. Volunteers from our club included: President Sam (+ sister Yvette, sister-in-law Emily, nephew Derek, niece Nicole), Past President Lily (+ sister Alice, nephew Sherlock, friends Bary & Antony), Past President Webster (+ son Shum Yeh), Past President Eddie & Rita (+ Rita’s sister Connie & Shun), Immediate Past President Mark, Past President Grace, President Elect Eliza and President Nominee Jason. Thank you Past President Lily for the great planning and organization!

Day 1
Day 2
President Sam, Mrs. Sung of Holy Cafe and Mr. Vincent Ng,
Executive Director of Suicide Prevention Services.