Club meeting — GOOD OL’ DAYS

On March 25, our Club met via Zoom. It was a regular Club meeting that happily coincided with our Club’s anniversary. To mark the special occasion, all five of our Charter Members who are still active in our Club today: Charter President Patrick, Past President Charles, Past President Peter, Past President Kay and Past President Antonio, were invited as special speakers to share their memories of the early days of our Club. Several special guests also attended, including our Honorary Member Professor Tim Tong. Past President Eric Wong, our Club’s second President, also attended. As did Past President Douglas (our 14th President), Past President Veronica (our 15th President), and Gilbert Chan, a past member who was active in the early days of our Club. From service projects and youth development to sports day and overseas trips, members shared their memories of being a Hong Kong Harbour Rotarian. The meeting ended with Past President Douglas thanking our Club for supporting his fundraising event at his current Club in the United States, Rotary Club of Walnut Grove, and wishes to maintain active connection with our Club through his Rotary and community work in the United States.

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