Global Grant Ceremony in Taiwan

President Eliza went to the Global Grant inaugural ceremony which our Club supported as an international sponsor for USD1,000.00. The host of the project was Rotary Club of Taipei-Fu-Jung and International Partner was Rotary Club of Queensway. Rotary Club of Wanchai was also one of the international sponsors too. The title of the Global Grant was “Empower Women to Unlock Community Strength by training licensed long-term women caregivers in Pingtung”, in the southern part of Taiwan. The global grant project supported eight aboriginal townships women with a total of 50 and 10 for advance training whom could open their own caregiver centers in Pingtung. As each township is far from the others, the group went to two nearby township separately to understand more about the day care work by the women after the inaugural ceremony. Before the ceremony, the group went for a one day tour to Kaohsiung for fellowship. Here are two newspapers ads with full details: here and here.

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