Club meeting — Suicide Prevention Services

On April 8, our Club returned to physical lunch meeting at Regal Hong Kong Hotel after one month of virtual meetings on Zoom. To ensure proper social distancing, Regal has given us a large room, with 4-person tables separated by ample spaces.

Various members gave detailed reports of Club and District events. Rotarian Eliza reported on our service outing at Holy Cafe the week before, and was happy to see a playful and most affable side of Rotarian Kelvin. Rotarian Eliza also urged members to sign up for tree planting on May 1 and beach cleanup on May 9, whereupon Past President Angela chimed in and suggested to make tree planting a fellowship affair with members and spouses. For those wishing to sign up, please contact Rotarian Eliza or Past President Angela. President Elect Sam also reported on the current arrangements of Scouts Trail Walk x Walkathon. President Mark urged members who haven’t signed up for Intercity Meeting or District Conference to do so as soon as possible to take advantage of these two rare occasions of district-wide fellowship.

Past President Lily, our meeting’s speaker, shared with us her new career at Suicide Prevention Services, an NGO in Hong Kong that serves people who are suicidal or distressed. The NGO also supports the community by raising awareness of the topic, providing services to survivors of suicide loss, and providing volunteer training and continuing education. Past President Lily stresses that suicide prevention is not the work of one or a few organizations, but a collaborative effort by everyone in the community to identify and support those around us who may appear suicidal or distressed. Her new career draws on her experience in marketing, publicity and promotion, and fundraising. Finally, Past President Lily thanked many of us who bought first day covers designed by suicide survivors and their families.

Past President Lily, our speaker.