Club meeting — Club Assembly

On June 23, our Club met for dinner at Regal Hongkong Hotel. A number of spouses were in attendance at this final regular meeting of the Rotary Year x 4th Club Assembly. There were no birthdays or anniversaries announced at this meeting. Past President Dora, as Sergeant-at-Arms, reported the final figure of the Red Box which far exceeded the annual target. She thanked all members for the strong support. With the help of President Elect Eliza, President Sam reported on District Blind Bowling Tournament and District Preserve Planet Earth Tree Planting Day which were held on June 12 and June 18, respectively.
Club Installation is to be held on July 14 (Thursday, 12:30pm) and members were reminded to wear the new theme ties/scarves and pins. At the club installation, a recognition ceremony will take place to recognize the Paul Harris Fellows, Paul Harris Society, Benefactors and Major Donors of the club.

After the reports were settled, President Sam invited President Elect Eliza to preside over the 4th Club Assembly. First, President Sam gave a President’s Report that reviewed the activities and major projects of 2021-22. President Sam finished by promoting the Photo Archive of RCHKH which is now accessible by password (please contact President Sam for details). Big thanks go to Immediate Past President Mark for launching the Photo Archive!

President Elect Eliza then gave her President Elect’s Report which included 9 topics. President Elect Eliza announced the RCHKH Charity Walk “Highest Donation” and “Most Steps” winning teams, which were Team 2 (Eliza, Barry, Samuel, Ka Hing, Peter, Charles, Belinda) and Team 3 (Sam, Lily, Angela, Eddie, Tony, WT), respectively.

District Installation is to be held on August 7 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai. A sign up sheet has been circulated on WhatsApp.
The new Rotary International Theme is “Imagine Rotary.” PE Eliza introduced her 2022-23 “dream team.” As a strong Preserve Planet Earth supporter, President Elect Eliza introduced District’s new e-Name card and e-Directory initiatives.

After some discussion, it was decided that in 2022-23 our club will endeavor to have both Christmas and Shabu-Shabu. Further, the club meeting format for RY2022-23 will remain unchanged with President Elect Eliza promising more service and fellowship opportunities for all members.

On behalf of Treasurer Barry, Past President MK reported the club account balance.
Finally, Club Secretary Past President MK, on behalf of the Club, thanked President Sam for a wonderful and successful year. President Sam thanked all members for their support. All members vowed strong support of incoming President Eliza in 2022-23.

The meeting was attended by 18 members, representing an attendance rate of 62%.

President Sam’s report.
President Elect’s report.