Club meeting — Club Assembly

President Elect Jason hit the bell with the gavel first time on behalf of President Eliza as she was on sick leave. This was also the first Club Assembly hosted by President Elect Jason too. During the meeting, Past President Samuel updated the on-going and planned community service projects. Immediate Past President Sam suggested to form a committee to discuss and handle the Club Constitution and By-laws. He also invited members who liked to join by registering with him. Past President Kay kindly volunteered to join the committee too. Past President Mark, as Preserve Planet Earth Chair, promoted the Rotary Carbon Reduction and Ecology Summit and the Rotary Carbon Reduction and Ecological Conservation Video Competition. He also encouraged members to suggest whatever initiatives our club could consider adopting for our on-going club operation.

The Club Jacket proposal brought up by some board members was discussed with members showing diverse opinions from club images, sense of belongings, environmental consideration, and abundance of similar clothing. President Elect Jason was tasked to conduct a simple survey on this matter with all members. On the 2023-24 board composition, President Elect Jason would be happy to receive nomination (and self- nominations) for any board position. Past District Governor Belinda suggested we should make good use of Global Grant. Immediate Past President Sam raised a discussion on Sister Clubs which would be followed up by the board. Charter President Patrick has emphasized the “International Attribute” of Rotary: when pandemic situation allows, we should go abroad including joining the Rotary International Convention in Melbourne 2023. Conducting Global Grant with sister clubs was also a means to ride on the international element of Rotary. Past President Webster emphasized on the continuity of service projects among different consecutive Rotary Years and our boards.